The Modern Heirloom Method

I. Love. People.

I think it is important to start my blog with this admission. I LOVE people. I love their quirks, their eccentricities, their habits and rituals; but, most of all, I love their stories. It really drives everything I do.

Ten years ago, I set out to make the human narrative the heart of my business. I began to incorporate short films into my family photography sessions. I encouraged my expecting clients to consider having me document the birth of their child (and to my shock, the answer was often “yes”). Ragamuffin Reels were created to document a moment in time during what I call the “little years,” celebrating the mispronounced words and those tiny voices that come out of those adorable, little bodies. I also started my own home town storytelling project, The Folk & The Lore, as a means of bonding a community and creating place identity through stories told live. I basically invented a business structure that was truly designed around my passion, the human narrative.

Today, I am moving my business into a new phase: teaching you how to document your family’s stories through photography, video, audio, and the written word. Not only will you be able to do this with readily available tools (your smartphone), but you will finally have attainable projects to move your family stories from your phone and cloud into beautiful, sharable pieces. The best part is, this is a plan for busy people.

What you will learn :

  1. The basics of lighting, composition, video, and audio, AND ARCHIVING.
  2. Documenting Belly to Birth – 40 weeks goes fast, let’s do this journey justice.
  3. The First Year – from bringing her home from the hospital to birthday cake!
  4. The Little Years (ages 1-5) – silly words and tiny voices, UGH, these are the projects that will tug at your heart strings.
  5. The School Years – milestones, science projects, and maturing senses of humor.
  6. Family Traditions – from cooking with Grandma, to telling your parent’s love story, to documenting those that have left us.
  7. Weekly challenges for you – I am DYING to see what you create.

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