The Stinky Cure

I recently recalled a brief conversation I had with my Grandmother about hHello, world! I am writing to you from the comfort of my living room while I work in my pajamas. I sense you are wondering if I just stayed in my pajamas from last night. The answer is no. These are my day pajamas, I’m not a monster. Right now, they have become “day-drinking pajamas,” again, please hold your judgment.

I recently recalled a conversation I had with my Grandmother about her elders surviving the Spanish Flu. Given our current situation, now was as good as any to call my Grandmother and see if I remembered the story correctly. Here’s a hint: I was close; even better than that, I learned about a fascinating home remedy. On the plus side, it might fight off viruses; on the down-side, it stinks, like, real bad. Life or stink?

Turns out that was the question back in 1918.

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America Facing the Spanish Flu

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