Through photography, short films, and true stories told out loud, I document the stories of my clients and community. In 2014, I started my own live storytelling event The Folk & The Lore on the founding belief that “when you know your neighbor’s story, you are more connected to your community” and that “those stories will become your own lore.” I have documented stories as far away as South Sudan, but spend most of my time documenting the stories in my own backyard, the American West. 

It is the collective personal narratives of a community that is the keystone to place-identity. Who we are and where we call home is supported by the stories around us, past and present. It’s my job as an artist to help tell those stories.

I currently serve as Chair of the Community Advisory Board for our local PBS affiliate, KNPB.

I also serve on the board to the David J. Drakulich Foundation with the mission of healing war wounds through art.


Stories are what binds a family and drives a nonprofit. Stories put the meaning in a profession, and are what we tell our children when we lay them down at night. Let me help you tell your story.

From Branded Documentaries to Head Shots to Complete Storytelling Packages, I’ve got you covered.

Families begin with a love story, expand with a birth story, and live on as a story of legacy. From Portraiture to Heirloom Films, I’m here to document life as it unfolds

Let me teach you how to document the important moments in your life and turn them into modern heirlooms for families and incredible marketing content for your business.





...into the universe

I am a firm believer that you will never receive what you do not ask for, so put it down in writing and say it out loud. The method and system for which opportunities arrive on your doorstep is not important; whether it is some cosmic system that brings you the things you are open to, or whether you make micro adjustments to your life to create space for those dream projects, the point is you are recognizing there are things you want to do. And so, here are some of my aspirational projects.

Immigrant Stories

Women Entrepreneurs Around the World

Mothers Around the World

Quiet Creatives


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