• 20 Minute Headshots

    “Twenty minutes? For real?” Absolutely, for real. I offer mini sessions for families, and realized that professionals could benefit from this efficient and cost effective portrait session. I have opened up a handful of weekend days to shoot what I call a “headshot marathon” where I schedule back to back quick sessions. The weather, as of late, has been perfect for quick outdoor portrait sessions. Email me for more info, and we can get you scheduled. info@jessilemay.com

  • 100 Stories for 100 Years

    How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you tell the story of one hundred years of Reno Rodeo? One interview, one photo, one story at a time. At the end of 2016, I stood red faced, sweaty, and nervous as hell in front of a room of cowboy hats and starched shirts. In a quaking voice, I pitched to them my method to tell “100 Stories for 100 Years of Reno Rodeo.” My concept for Reno Rodeo 100 was a really a replicate of my existing and ongoing project The Folk & The Lore: use a mix of photography, video, audio, and live storytelling,…

  • Storyteller Spotlight: Brian Monahan

    In honor of Burning Man, this story is from our August 19, 2017 event titled “The Playa.” Brian Monahan is a long time burner, a native Nevadan, and a leather craftsman. Brian’s story hits on all of the special qualities of Burning Man, including: curiosity, community, and the complexity of living on a dry, Nevada lakebed for a week. If you are interested in more stories from The Folk & The Lore, please subscribe to the blog and consider pitching a story.


    I am currently seeking storytellers for our annual scary storytelling event. This year’s spooky show, Local Haunts, will take place at the Nevada Museum of Art on October 26, 2019, tix here. Stories should be true, take place in Nevada, and between 10-15 minutes when told live. If you have a good story, but are TERRIFIED of telling it live, I would be happy to coach you and help you prep your story. This event is designed for nonprofessional speakers: normal people from our community that have a good story to tell. Pitch Your Story


    Limited spots available for the weekends of September 14-15 and October 12-13 (morning and afternoon sessions only). Location to be determined, but will absolutely be within Reno/Sparks.*If I get enough requests to open up other dates, I will. Let me know if neither of these weekends work and I will let you know what opens up. SESSION OPTIONS 30 Minute Portrait Session 60 Minute Portrait Session 30 Minute Portrait Session/30 Minute Ragamuffin Reel or Heirloom Piece