JLeMay Rodeo Room Mockup 700x525


SEPTEMBER 21, 2019

*Tickets on sale at Reno Rodeo Office

The Reno Rodeo 100 Storytelling Project is multiyear, oral history, visual arts, and live storytelling exploration of the longest running special event in the Biggest Little City, made possible, in part with funding by City of Reno Arts & Culture Commission grant as well as support from the Reno Rodeo Foundation and the Nevada Historical Society. 

The Reno Rodeo, with over a thousand volunteers, 50 committees, and yearly rotating Presidents, has a long and wild history.

As a Digital Storyteller & Artist heading up this project, my job was to document individual oral histories from Reno Rodeo members, volunteers, attendees, and those that have served as Directors and Presidents. I consider it to be the honor of lifetime to be endowed with the near herculean task of documenting the stories from a 100 years of bulls, broncs, and bulldoggers. I say, with complete honesty, that documenting these stories has been probably the most fun I have ever had with a project.

Reno is a city born in western traditions and ranching. It wasn’t that long ago that this valley was filled with pasture land and small farms. Today, Reno is exploding with new members to our community, many of which coming from other states. This project serves a vital role in documenting the stories from a yearly tradition that honors our roots. These stories will help our expanding community to learn and to remember where we came from. These stories provide legacy and lore that  is the keystone to this community’s identity. Stay tuned for news about where you can purchase the entire collection.

Special thanks to the partnership with Reno Rodeo Foundation and Reno Rodeo Association, with funding, made possible in part, by the City of Reno Arts and Culture Commission, and supported by the Nevada Historical Society.